Córdoba – Sevilla Route

Cycle through the interior of Andalusia and you will know its impressive cultural heritage.

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The new Pedalea Andalucía route, aims to make known to all types of cyclists, from the most experienced to those who are starting, the countryside and the most unique villages between Córdoba and Seville along 4 beautiful stages.

This route is also recommended to enjoy the “new” Gravel modality even with the option of bikepacking. The typical countryside landscape will be traversed through greenways and natural roads; soft hills of cereal crops, linked by roads with very little slope and technical difficulty.

The stage finals are set in towns as prominent as Écija, Marchena and Carmona. All of them with a history and an architectural value that provide an extra to this cycle route, never better said.

The stages are:

· Córdoba – Écija. 55 km and 350 m D +.

· Écija – Marchena. 44.58 km and 185 m D +.

· Marchena – Carmona. 30 km and 290 m D +.

· Carmona – Seville. 51 km and 195 m D +.

The recommended time to make this route is from October to May.

Prior physical preparation is necessary to face the completion of the entire route with guarantees.

The hiring of the crossing includes:

· Welcome gifts.

· Tracks of the stages.

· Luggage transport (1 bag per person).

· Technical service during the route.

· Finisher jersey

· Accommodation reservation management.

· Accident Insurance

· Transfer to Córdoba

The price of the 4-day route is 210 € *. * Accommodation not included.

Bikepacking option:

  • Welcome gifts.
  • Tracks of the stages.
  • Finisher jersey.
  • Transfer to Córdoba.

The price of this modality is 130€*.

Optionally: Souvenir bib short (60€).


Córdoba-Sevilla Route can only be pre-booked via our web form, or directly contacting Pedalea Andalucía.


Reservations will conclude with a deposito of 15% of total amount. The full amount must be paid at least 15 days before starting the journey. If the reservation is made 15 days before starting the itinerary, you will have to pay the full amount directly.


Canceling up to 15 days before the start of the journey the total amount will be refunded. Canceling within the 15 previous days and 2 days before the start of the journey, you will lose the entire deposit. Canceling the day before, the day of start or during the voyage will miss the entire amount of the reserve. It is considered “day of commencement of the trip” the same day that already contracted services. If there is cancellation of a booking or part of it (eg. Someone in the group is retired) and has already delivered the welcome pack or part of it (eg sending the track) will miss the full amount of the booking, regardless of the date on which such cancellation occurs.


If for any reason you must leave, you must notify the organization of Pedalea Andalucía.In the delivered roadmap you will find the phone numbers for the taxi service.


Participants should bring personal material minimum for the activity, as well as a bicycle and a team under minimal repair. Respecting the environment is an absolute priority, driving along the route will be less aggressive as possible, never soil the environment in any way and respect the standards established by the Park Board, competent agencies or landowners in passing. It is important to consider the issues w / v when preparing to transport luggage during the trip because the baggage transportation service includes only one bag per person.