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Travesía del Cabo de Gata en BTT

Una temporada más os ofrecemos un viaje espectacular a lomos de vuestra mejor compañera 😀 La travesía del Cabo de Gata te llevará a conocer los parajes tan especiales de este parque natural, a parte de sus impresionantes paisajes, playas y calas, en una de las etapas te adentrarás en un antiguo volcán, aunque en la foto no se aprecia y a pie de volcán tampoco del todo, a vista de pájaro (satélite) se puede observar muy bien el cráter redondo del extinto volcán.

Cazorla rutas btt travesía btt travesías btt

Vídeo de tramo de senderos en la TransCazorla

Después de unos días de relax, reemprendemos la actividad con un vídeo de uno de los tramos de senderos más aéreos y técnicos del recorrido, Animaos a disfrutarlo!!

rutas btt travesía btt travesías btt

The 2014 season begins. Recognition of the 4th stage of the TransCazorla

The season begins, Rosemary and Almond Blossom, clear sign that spring is entering and the perfect excuse to begin to assess the State of the roads after a very rainy winter. With this idea went out last Friday to go the route of the last stage of the TransCazorla. During the first kilometers nothing more out of Coto Rios, we found the roads a little damaged by the conditioning of the GR-247 works, hopefully that works advance at a good pace in the coming months. We arrived at one of the most beautiful environments of the route, the track that leads to the birth of the Río Borosa, here the landslides by rain have been significant, but given the tourist attractions that this occurs, the work of recovery of the track have been out quickly and effectively. During the ascent through the port of Calvary and the Parador Nacional, we just see some that another rockslide, which does not affect the passage of the mountain bikes, what accompanies us in many, many kilometers of the stage, is the sound of streams of water, they are everywhere (like the Charlys). How whenever we went out to ride, there were also sightings of goats, Mouflon and wild boar, something really unique of this journey.